Lazar Ventures is a private investment company, founded by Cathleen Ihasz and Nicole Ihasz. The Ihasz sisters invest in and/or manage a variety of properties and other businesses. 

Via their company, Lazar Ventures, Cathleen and Nicole Ihasz are entrepreneurs and opportunistic investors. They have invested in a variety of businesses ranging from solar energy to virtual reality technology, and together they founded Raptor Films, a boutique film finance and production company which currently focuses on the development of original, independent content. Cathleen and Nicole are especially active in real estate. They are co-owners of Brody House Group, a private club and hotel brand based in Budapest, Hungary, and are pursuing a real estate and business development opportunity in downtown Los Angeles. Together with their sister, Ashley Austin, Cathleen and Nicole are founding members of ALG Brands (ALG), an entertainment brand management firm with clients including Sony Music Entertainment, Rocky Horror Picture Show, the Estate of Bill Haley and more. 

Cathleen graduated from the University of Chicago and Nicole graduated from the University of Virginia. Cathleen and Nicole support a variety of causes and organizations including the Hudson Union Society, where Cathleen serves on the Board of Directors and Nicole serves on the Advisory Board.  

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